Dog Walking

Happy Paws dog walking service is designed to keep your dog healthy, active and stimulated when you aren’t there.

I offer complimentary introductory visits to meet both you and your dog before they venture out with us for the first time. I will also ensure that your dog is introduced to his walk mates on neutral territory for the first walk or two.
Dogs are walked on their own or with a maximum of three other dogs with a suitable temperament. Dog walks usually last an hour and we walk whatever the weather. We walk your dog across the fields, away from traffic and other disturbances. Happy Paws Neston dog walking is done off the lead as long as we have had signed permission from the owner to do so. We feel dogs are happiest on walks when they have the freedom to play with the other dogs and explore the beautiful surroundings.

We will always settle your dog back in with a good towelling down to avoid any muddy paw prints on your carpet and ensure they have fresh water.


Pet home visits

There are some pets that are just happier in their own home environment. This is especially true for cats.

You may also have many pets and the thought of moving them all to a boarding establishment fills you with dread.  This is where the Happy Paws pet care will be beneficial.

We can visit your home as many times throughout the day as is necessary to provide quality care to your pets. Once there we will check, feed, clean, play and exercise your pets as necessary.

We can also make your house look “lived in” by moving post, opening/closing curtains, turning lights on/off.

Please contact us to arrange a preliminary, free of charge, no obligation visit to discuss your needs.


Drop in visits

A drop-in visit can include playtime and cuddles, letting out for toilet breaks, feeding, clear-ups, administering medication or any other pet needs.

This service is ideal for regular visits to older dogs or puppies and as a holiday service for cats and small animals.